The tincture is called ‘molehill’, and the situation with the use of the drink caused a reaction from Russian food regulators.

The source of the discussion was the appearance of a video in which a man tastes a tincture on a dead mole and shares a recipe for making it.

According to him, the mole is placed in a jar upside down so that the feces do not pollute the drink. Then the carcass of the mole is poured with pure alcohol and kept in a cool room from 6 months to 1 year.

After this period, the dead mole tincture can be consumed in small quantities, since the drink contains some formaldehyde.

Mole, according to the taster, is used as a medicine.

The video was published over a year ago, but only now has caused a heated discussion on social networks.

Rospotrebnadzor has already expressed concerns about the use of molehills:

Moles are very often infected with worms (…). The muscles of moles contain roundworms (…). The alcohol medium does not destroy the pathogens of zooanthroponic and helminthic diseases.


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