Что случилось в Чернобаевке

For the 10th 12th time, the artillery and MLRS of Ukraine repels the attack of Russian troops on Chernobaivka. Russian troops occupy the airfield after which they suffer heavy losses under enemy fire.

The village of Chornobaivka , Kherson district, is notable for the fact that there is an international airport there. Chernobaivka is of strategic importance for the military operations of the Russian Armed Forces.

For 12 days, Russia has been sending troops to Chernobaivka and occupying the airfield, after which Ukrainian artillerymen cover stationary targets located near the airport with dense fire.

Each time, the Russian troops have to retreat, suffering losses in manpower and equipment.

The command of the Russian Armed Forces cannot come up with anything new except for repeated useless attacks.

In social networks, they laugh at the situation, composing memes about Chernobaevka:

In Russia, Chernobaevka happened again.

Recursive Chernobaevka


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