Навальный вознаграждение

Politician Alexei Navalny through his lawyers published a post on Facebook where he offers a reward of 3,000,000 rubles ($ 407,000) for a video from a hotel where an attempt was made on his life.

Immediately after the poisoning of the Navalny, video recordings from surveillance cameras disappeared from the Xander Hotel. The politician offered a large reward to anyone who could provide these records.

In addition, he announced that he was ready to provide another 1.5 million rubles ($ 200,000) to anyone who would provide information about the FSB structures that deal with murders with chemical weapons.

We offer a cash reward. Great. For video from the surveillance cameras of the Tomsk hotel Xander, recordings from August 2020, when we stayed there, we offer 3 million rubles. These recordings allegedly disappeared, they are not in the materials of the pre-investigation check, the propagandists also did not show them on TV, but we know that they exist. And they will be the answer to the question – who went to the room to Navalny, when and with what. And how it was sent.

Alexei Navalny himself is serving a prison sentenceon trumped-up charges.


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