Thunder 2

The Ukrainian-made operational-tactical missile ‘Grom 2’ (Thunder 2), which replaced the outdated ‘Tochka U’ missile, will be delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the near future.

The Grom-2 ballistic missile is an analogue of the Russian Iskander ballistic system and has a range of up to 500 km.

The missile can hit both ground and sea targets. The ‘Grom 2’ missile, judging by information from open sources, is a continuation of the ‘Tochka U’ line of ballistic missiles, but unlike its predecessor, it has the ability to adjust targeting to a target and is capable of carrying a larger charge over a longer range.

To transport the Grom 2 missile, a launcher based on an all-terrain truck is used.

Thunder 2
Thunder 2

In his interview, the head of the Main Directorate of Missile Forces and Artillery of the AFU, General Sergei Baranov, said:

For now I would like to keep the mystery.
But yes, it [Grom 2] exists, it will be improved, and let the Russians feel its effect on themselves.


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