Ukraine will receive longrange ATACMS missiles from the US

ATACMS missiles have a range of 300 km, which will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to successfully destroy military bases in Crimea and the occupied areas of the Donetsk region.

US President Biden said in his address distributed by the White House press service:

I talked with Zelensky, and we worked out everything he asked.

Ukraine will receive at least 6 ATACMS installations by the end of this year, and a maximum of 18.

Let us recall that 6 HIMARS MLRS systems transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces made it possible to radically change the course of the spring-summer offensive campaign of 2022, when the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the Kharkov region and took control of the city of Kherson.

ATACMS missile launchers have a range of 300 km, which allows the Ukrainian Armed Forces to destroy Russian military bases in Crimea, and threatens the grouping of Russian troops in the Donetsk region.

Range of ATACMS missiles
Range of ATACMS missiles


ATACMS guided missiles are capable of carrying up to 700 kg of explosives or up to 300 kg of cluster munitions. ATACMS missile launchers are based on the M142 HIMARS wheeled chassis or the M270 tracked chassis.

The missile launchers are equipped with 6 visible hatches, although the launcher is equipped with only one ATACMS missile, which makes them indistinguishable from those currently in service with the Ukrainian Army from the existing HIMARS launchers.


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