Воры в законе

Russian crime bosses “thieves in law” distributed an appeal to prisons in which they urged not to consider convicts who were raped in the tuberculosis hospital of the Federal Penitentiary Service No. 1 in Saratov, Belgorod Penal Colony No. 4, Kamchatka Penal Colony No. 6 and Irkutsk pre-trial detention center No. 1 “lowered” as the lowest caste of the prison hierarchy.

Thieves in law ask “not to break” other prisoners to resist the “cop lawlessness”.

Prison Run
Prison Run

Recall that from the end of October 2021, the project Gulagu.net began to distribute videos with rape and torture of prisoners in Russian prisons.

These publications caused a great public outcry, several criminal cases were initiated.


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