Ликвидация Мемориала

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation issued a decision on the liquidation of the International Memorial, an educational organization engaged in the investigation of repressions in the USSR.

Memorial cooperates with human rights organizations, OVD-Info and others, but the main activity of Memorial is to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalin’s repressions of the 30-50s.

Here’s what Memorial’s board writes about the liquidation of its organization:

The formal reason stated in the lawsuit of the Prosecutor General’s Office is the absence of a “foreign agent” label on some materials. During the hearing, the insolvency of these claims was demonstrated with full clarity.

But today, the court finally named not a formal reason, but the true reason for the liquidation of the International Memorial: the Prosecutor General’s Office claims that we misinterpret Soviet history, “create a false image of the USSR as a terrorist state”, “bring criticism on state authorities”. And the state, according to our opponents, is beyond criticism.

Russia is gradually approaching the limit beyond which dictatorship and totalitarianism begin.


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