В Чехии открылся форум по деимпериализации России

By unleashing hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, Putin threatened the territorial integrity of Russia.

This is not the first time that the issue of de-imperialization of Russia, decolonization and dismemberment of the country into several more or less successful states has been raised.

What used to be considered fantasies has gained real meaning and is clothed in words:

The future of 144 million people living in Russia today is crumbling before the eyes of the Kremlin authorities. The Putin regime has built a dictatorial system with a prosperous metropolis that siphons resources from subordinate ‘colonies’ and throws them away to satisfy its imperial ambitions.
The aggressive policy of the empire has already led to the largest war in Europe in the last 80 years, and all the inhabitants of Russia have become its hostages, whom propaganda mobilizes for this war.
The fate of not only the peoples of Russia, but of the whole world, was under threat.

It’s time to take action and make a difference. Today, the natural wealth of the regions, the labors and talents of people on a vast territory, serve the interests of Moscow. But the peoples of Russia have the right to self-determination, a worthy future for themselves, their children and grandchildren. People must manage their own lives and find their place in the international community.

The Forum of the Free Peoples of Russia is a platform for bringing together municipal and regional leaders, members of the opposition movements of the Russian Federation, representatives of national movements, activists, the expert community, and everyone who is aware of the need for an immediate transformation of Russia. We discuss ways for structural changes in society, develop a plan of specific actions, concentrate resources and coordinate efforts for maximum efficiency in achieving our goals.

Commonwealth of States of Free Russia
Commonwealth of States of Free Russia


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