Никита Уваров взрыв ФСБ в Майнкрафт

A schoolboy was sentenced to 5 years in prison for preparing to blow up the FSB building built in the computer game Minecraft.

16-year-old Nikita Uvarov and two other teenagers pasted leaflets calling for the release of political prisoners. They placed one of these leaflets on the fsb building in Kansk.

The ‘terrorists’ were quickly identified and detained. Videos of teenagers exploding firecrackers were found in their mobile phones.

This was seen as preparation for a terrorist attack. In messengers, teenagers sharply criticized the current government in Russia and offered to build a copy of the FSB building in the computer game Minecraft in order to effectively blow it up in virtual space.

For these actions, Nikita Uvarov was sentenced to 5 years in prison, and two of his friends were released from custody for cooperation with the investigation.

At the time of the ‘crime’, the students were 14 years old.

The verdict against Nikita Uvarov caused a great resonance in social networks, users bitterly joke that for the explosion in the computer game ‘terrorist’ should serve a prison line in Minecraft.

In St. Petersburg, activists hung a banner in support of Nikita Uvarov, but utilities quickly removed it.

Banner in support of Uvarov


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