Обмен военнопленными с Украиной

As part of a large-scale operation to exchange prisoners, 144 servicemen returned to Ukraine, including 43 soldiers of the Azov regiment, which is recognized in Russia as an extremist organization.

Among the exchanged prisoners of war are 95 defenders of the Azovstal plant, who surrendered on the orders of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Also among the liberated are soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine, border guards and fighters of the Territorial Defense.

In Russian social networks, they are perplexed, because, according to Russian propaganda, the soldiers of the Azov regiment are “Nazi criminals”. At the same time, the State Duma of the Russian Federation proposed not to exchange Azov fighters. This proposal was made by State Duma Deputy Anatoly Wasserman.

At the same time, we see that the Azov fighters were still exchanged. In Ukraine, the returned fighters were greeted as heroes.

144 servicemen who had been captured earlier were also returned to Russia.


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