During a conversation on TV Russia Today with science fiction writer Sergei Lukyanenko, propagandist Anton Krasovsky called for drowning Ukrainian children in the river and burning them alive in their homes.

Sergey Lukyanenko shared a story from his childhood when he was in Western Ukraine. The writer said that the children, his peers, believed that Muscovites occupied Ukraine.

In response to this, Krasovsky burst into an emotional monologue and called for drowning and burning such children.

[The child] said that “the Muscovites have occupied” and immediately you throw them into the river with a turbulent current.

And right into this Smeryakov’s house to hammer and burn.

Shortly after the release of the program, the director of Russia Today, Margarita Simonyan, announced that she was breaking the contract with Krasovsky:

Anton Krasovsky’s statement is wild and disgusting. Perhaps Anton will explain what kind of temporary insanity it was caused and how it broke from his tongue.

I am stopping our collaboration for the moment, as neither I nor the rest of the RT team can afford to even think that any of us are capable of sharing such views.

It should be noted that Anton Krasovsky is almost the only open representative of non-traditional sexual orientation in a long line of Russian propagandists.

Russian parliamentarians also reacted to Krasovsky’s words.

Senator Andrei Klishas:

I got to the outrageous video of Anton Krasovsky. Everything that he carries, it carries in some kind of frenzy, is absolutely unacceptable, outrageous, worthy of condemnation, especially since I am absolutely sure that Krasovsky does not think so. RT’s decision to suspend cooperation is absolutely correct.

Deputy Nina Ostanina, head of the State Duma committee on family issues, condemned Krasovsky’s words:

This is an openly Nazi, fascist statement. An outspoken LGBT person. outspoken propagandist. This pervert went so far as to declare the need to kill children, as Hitler did, as the Nazis did.

Following this, Anton Krasovsky released a penitential video in which he calls himself a fool and an idiot:

I apologize to everyone who was stunned by this. I apologize to Margarita, to everyone for whom this seemed wild, unthinkable and insurmountable.

I hope you will forgive me.

At the same time, some deputies spoke out in support of Anton Krasovsky. In this regard, the statement of the deputy Vitaly Milonov, a well-known fighter against gay propaganda, is curious:

Sometimes we say terrible things, for which we reproach ourselves for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we do things that are unworthy of us and, most importantly, are not worthy of us as the image of God. Recognize and show repentance can only be one whose soul is weighed down by sin, infinitely alienating us from God. Today I read a flurry of statements – both from respected people and the opinion of all vile scoundrels – I ask myself the question, could I, in this case, publicly repent like this? I don’t know, I would never want to feel in real life in my own skin. But in this case, as a sometimes harsh person, I accept this confession.

The general tone of the Russian media regarding Krasovsky boils down to the phrase “Understand and forgive,” because Krasovsky has done so much for Russian propaganda, despite the fact that he is openly gay.

In one of his videos, Russian opposition leader Ilya Yashin sheds light on some of the facts of the biography of Anton Krasovsky. Until 2012, Anton Krasovsky had liberal views, he was often seen in the company of Russian opposition. But one incident that happened to Krasovsky turned his fate around, forced him to go over to the side of evil and become one of the many Russian pro-government propagandists.
At one of the meetings of the opposition in a cafe, Krasovsky smashed the video camera of journalists from the pro-government publication Life News. This led to criminal prosecution.
Krasovsky was popularly explained what would be done to him in prison, taking into account his non-traditional sexual orientation. In fact, Krasovsky was intimidated to such an extent that he had to accept the proposals of Russia Today and take the side of propaganda.

Krasovsky’s repentance is most likely a well-thought-out farce, the hatred of children, not only Ukrainian, among LGBT representatives is due to the inability to have them.


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