Receipts waiving responsibility for the lives of children

Parents whose children go to school and preschool institutions in the occupied territories of Ukraine are forced to write receipts stating that the administration is not responsible for the children.

This attitude radically changes the situation in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia. This shows that the occupying power is temporary if it cannot be responsible for the lives of citizens.

At the same time, the nominal authorities of Ukraine issued an order banning children from kindergartens and schools in the temporarily occupied territories.

Despite the ban, collaborators opened a number of kindergartens in Melitopol and Primorsk. But educators, in order to insure themselves in case of the death of a child, collect strange receipts from parents, which are reported by insiders. Here is what one of the residents of Melitopol writes:

Luckily I have a job. There is no one to leave the child with. So I took her to kindergarten. But they immediately set the condition for me that I must write a receipt in which I actually agree that the educators and all staff of the team do not bear any responsibility for the life and health of my child. It’s like leaving your daughter on the street and asking someone to look after her. There, too, no one bears any responsibility.


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