Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva published a video in which, in her words, T-54 tanks produced in the USSR in the 40-50s are sent to the front.

It is hardly worth counting on the enthusiasm of Russian tankers looking at this antique junk. However, an even more ancient T-34 tank has already been seen in the Donetsk region.

The T-54 tank was put into service in 1946. The tank has no electronics on board, the 100-mm cannon loading mechanism is manual. The T-54 is equipped with a 520-horsepower diesel power plant and has 100mm turret armor.
Dynamic protection in the T-54 tank is not provided.
In total, 16,775 such machines were produced in the USSR.
In the future, the T-54 tank was subjected to modifications until the mid-60s, when it was withdrawn from service.


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