Лазерное оружие России

This was stated on the air of the First Channel of Russian TV by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov. However, the laws of physics and optics in Russia may soon be abolished.

The ideas of using lasers in various fields are not new to Russian officials, as well as fakes about the successful use of fantastic weapons. As a rule, the case ends with the purchase of Chinese toys on Aliexpress.

However, an official of the level of deputy prime minister seems to have broken the records of his colleagues:

If Peresvet is blinding, then a new generation of laser weapons already leads to physical damage to the object, that is, to thermal damage, burns it so that we do not spend expensive missiles, such as Pantsir and Thor. Now these systems are on the way, which at a range of up to 5 km can absolutely freely shoot down various classes of drones. They are already beginning to arrive [to Army], the first samples are already being used.

In 2006, Vladimir Putin, answering a question about the use of giant combat humanoid robots in the Russian army, replied:

With the participation of a person, without him this is impossible. The main thing is the border guard!

Putin’s trolling about humanoid robots later became a meme. Let’s not forget that Putin does not use the Internet, and web pages are brought to him in printed form.

Returning to the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Borisov about laser weapons, it is worth noting that the Peresvet laser complexes mentioned by him can effectively blind drones only in ideal conditions, when there is no cloudiness, rain and snow.

In addition, since 2018, only 5 peresvet laser complexes have been produced, and talks about laser weapons “based on other physical principles” are nothing more than a propaganda move.

It is symbolic that the Nazi propaganda of the Third Reich resorted to similar statements with the ideas of a “superweapon” before its defeat in 1944-1945. So, for example, there was a development of the “Mouse” tank presented to Hitler in 1944.

A little more and Russian propaganda will talk about super mutants with laser carbines.


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