Ukrainian stole a tank

During the occupation and flight of the Russian army from Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, local residents managed to acquire weapons and armored vehicles.

At least 200 tanks and other armored vehicles were stolen from the Russian army. Also, the citizens of Ukraine have at their disposal a huge amount of small arms and ammunition.

According to Ukrainian media, over the past 5 months, 158 firearms, 64 pistols, 20 carbines and rifles, 46 automatic weapons, 8 machine guns, 3 sawn-off hunting rifles, 4 hand grenade launchers, 11 tanks, 2 armored vehicles were seized in the Poltava region alone in the last 5 months, 222 pieces of ammunition, 54 grenades and almost 7 thousand rounds of ammunition.

The number of crimes related to the use of firearms during this time increased by 72%.

This is probably only a small part of the Russian weapons delivered to Ukraine as a ‘goodwill gesture’.


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