Военком Крыма задержан за взятки

In the Russian-occupied Crimea, republican military commander Yuri Lymar was detained for creating a network for selling military tickets and deferrals from service in the Russian army.

In addition to Lymar, several other district military commanders were detained.
For a bribe, residents of the Crimea were offered to receive a military card with a mark of unsuitability for military service in the Russian army or to receive a deferment from compulsory service.

In connection with the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a covert mobilization was announced among the citizens of the Crimea.

This could not but lead to the creation of a shadow business that allows you to get preferences in the form of deferrals from compulsory service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or obtaining an article of unsuitability for military service.

This practice has long been used in Russia. Conscripts massively bribe military commanders to avoid military service in the Russian Army.


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