Марина Овсянникова скрывается в Москве

An employee of the first channel Marina Ovsyannikova, who showed an anti-war poster on the air, hides from journalists and investigators.

Marina Ovsyannikova was fined 30,000 rubles, but not for her flash mob with an anti-war poster, but for a video message that she recorded the day before.

Marina Ovsyannikova admitted that working on Russian TV for many years she did not tell the truth and urged to go to anti-war rallies.

Marina refused the offer of political asylum in France and resigned from the “First Channel” of Russian TV.

She also said that her act was not approved by the family.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is conducting an investigation into this case, Marina Ovsyannikova may face criminal prosecution under the new laws of Russia.


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