Лендлиз для Украины

The Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine has been finally approved by the US Congress. 478 congressmen voted in favor, 10 against.

The procedure for receiving American assistance has been greatly simplified for Kiev. The general principle of receiving goods under lend-lease is that American industry produces goods and raw materials for Ukraine, and the US government pays for these goods.

Under the Lend-Lease program, Ukraine can receive the latest US weapons:

  • M1A2 Abrams tanks
  • BMP and BRADM Bradley
  • Paladin self-propelled gun
  • MLRS Himars
  • ПЗРК Nasams
  • Patriot air defense system
  • F-16 fighters

As well as ammunition, small arms, food, medicines, raw materials and equipment that Ukraine needs to protect its country.

At the end of hostilities, Ukraine will have to return the provided military equipment to the country that provided lend-lease, in this case the United States.

Also, Ukraine will have to pay the rest of the debt to the US government. Probably, payments under lend-lease will be carried out at the expense of seized foreign assets of Russia and subsequent reparations after the conclusion of a peace treaty.

Russian-Ukrainian opposition war correspondent Arkady Babchenko once wrote on Facebook:

Did I promise to die at ninety-six by dancing on Putin’s grave and taking a selfie on Abrams on Tverskaya? I’ll try to do that.

Babchenko writes about the Abrams tank

Well, in the dynamics of the development of military events in Ukraine, the words of Arkady Babchenko may not be so far from reality.


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