Hunting for seagulls

The Moscow Regional Duma adopted a law according to which seagulls are considered a hunting resource.

However, in the regions of Russia, laws have previously been adopted regulating the production of animals that are not suitable for food.

For example, the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region have set a limit on the production of hedgehogs and mice.

The Chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma Committee on Property Relations, Environmental Management and Ecology explained that the law was adopted so that sanitary and epidemiological services could hire hunters to shoot seagulls during bird flu outbreaks.

But if we recall some other laws and regulations adopted earlier by the Russian government, we can notice a tendency to get ahead of events.

In December 2021, Russia prepared a new standard ‘Urgent burial of corpses in peacetime and wartime’.

Three months later, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of war with Ukraine.

In retrospect of the war, the new standard of mass graves no longer seems a curious event.

In the same way, now the laws and regulations on the hunting quota for hedgehogs or the shooting of seagulls seem ridiculous, but taking into account the fact that the situation in Russia is not changing for the better, it is possible that soon nutrition problems may become quite acute and such laws will become necessary.


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