Interceptor Eagle Squadron

State Duma deputy and deputy chairman of the defense committee Alexei Zhuravlev proposed creating a squadron of interceptor eagles to fight Ukrainian drones.

Zhuravlev was very offended by the drone strike on the Kremlin:

It is necessary to aim at the center of Kyiv! Destroy the president’s office, destroy the Verkhovna Rada, the General Staff, and the buildings housing the Ukrainian special services to the ground. In addition, we need to think about protecting our critical infrastructure, to the point of forming a squadron of drone interceptor eagles in the Kremlin and elsewhere.
The fact that the drone flew to the Kremlin is a personal insult for me.

The leader of the Russian Rodina party, Alexei Zhuravlev, is a well-known freak. He got the nickname “the Turtlefucker” after he announced that a brothel for zoophiles had opened in Denmark.


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