Sugar, feminine hygiene items disappeared from store shelves, prices rose by 30-50%

After In response to Putin’s war in Ukraine , Western companies began to withdraw from Russian markets, store shelves were noticeably empty, and the rapid rise in prices forced Russians to buy up food, household chemicals, and hygiene items.

Food prices rose by 30-50%, and manufactured goods went up by 50-90%.

In stores, there are not enough cash register tapes that were supplied by German companies, writing paper has risen in price by 2-3 times.

Auto parts and electronics have risen in price by 60-90%.

The biggest problem is with sugar, which is instantly bought up by pensioners. Some Russian entrepreneurs sell sugar ‘from the wheels’, directly from trucks not equipped with counters.

There was a crisis with baby food, dairy products and juices. There is no packaging material produced by foreign companies.

During Putin’s rule, Russia has not learned how to produce either its own packaging or processing complexes.


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