Набор добровольцев в Украину

It is expected that the new set of contractors will help reduce the number of casualties of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

When receiving, preference is given to those who have completed military service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Special orders have been allocated for military enlistment offices. At least 200 volunteers per week must be recruited from each Federal District of Russia to serve.

Thus, for a month from 8 federal districts it is planned to send at least 6400 people to the war in Ukraine. The exception to the rules for recruiting contract soldiers was Moscow, where there is no rigid order.

And this is understandable, because in Moscow the relatives of the dead servicemen, and they certainly will be, will certainly have acquaintances in the media who will show the real situation of the Russian army in Ukraine.

For the most part, these are poorly trained soldiers from the marginalized part of the population. There have already been cases of looting in military units where ‘volunteers’ were seconded.

Russia’s usual tactic of waging wars is to overwhelm the enemy with the corpses of its soldiers, but the conditions for waging wars in the 21st century are somewhat different.

It is unlikely that an additional set of contract soldiers will be able to significantly affect the situation on the fronts of Ukraine.


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