Охота за призывниками

In Melitopol, occupied by Russian troops, they are trying to put young people on military registration.

The occupation authorities go to the apartments of Melitopol residents and distribute summonses to men of military age. This was reported to the publishing house “RIA Melitopol” by a young man who, as a result, managed to escape from the occupied city to Georgia.

The legal aspect of such actions is not clear, since Melitopol is the territory of Ukraine, and the actions of the occupation authorities have no legal force.

Probably, the Russian authorities will try to create puppet management in the occupied territories by the same methods that were used in the creation of the so-called “Republics of Donbass”.

And given the fact that there is an acute shortage of manpower in the Armed Forces of Russia, it is quite possible that men will be conscripted by force, as it happened in the DPR and LPR.


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