Глобальный сбой в русскоязычном сегменте Интернет

Today domains in the .RU zone stopped working. Experts attribute this to experiments to create a national domain name service.

Websites in the .RU domain zone have stopped opening for users of many large Russian providers. The .RU zone has ceased to be available in the countries of Central Asia, Europe and the USA.

The Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ domains reports that a technical problem has arisen affecting the .RU zone associated with the global DNSSEC infrastructure.

Roskomnadzor confirmed the solution to problems with Internet access for providers and subscribers of the National Domain Name System.

Specialists from the Internet Technical Center and MSK-IX carried out a number of restoration works. The problem has now been resolved for subscribers of the National Domain Name Service.

Probably the specialists of the Coordination Council tried to disconnect the root DNS servers responsible for the operation of the .RU domain zone from the global Internet, which caused a global failure in matching IP addresses with domain names.

There is no doubt that we will soon see reports that the global outage was caused by a hacker attack.


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