Отец Ивана Жданова

This Sunday, the verdict was pronounced 68-year-old Yuri Zhdanov, the father of Navalny’s associate Ivan Zhdanov.

Yuri Zhdanov was sentenced to 3 years of probation under the article on abuse of power.

The political nature of the case was evident from the outset. After the departure of Ivan Zhdanov from Russia, the authorities decided to take up his father Yuri Zhdanov.

In 2019, Yuri Zhdanov worked in the administration of the village of Seekers of the Naryanmar Autonomous Okrug and headed the housing commission.

At one of the meetings, the commission recommended allocating an apartment to a resident of the village Yulia Vetrova under a social lease agreement. The woman received it and privatized it. Later it turned out that she had previously received a housing subsidy.

In court on this civil lawsuit, it turned out that Vetrova was also a member of the housing commission. Neither she nor the chairman of the commission participated in the meeting on her issue, and Yuri Zhdanov chaired it then.

When it turned out that Vetrova had received a housing subsidy, Vetrova’s apartment was taken away by the court, and a criminal case was opened against Yuri Zhdanov.

At the same time, neither the head of the village, nor his deputies nor Yulia Vetrova herself were brought to court.

At the trial, Yuri Zhdanov said:

Everyone understands that this story is not about an apartment, the problem is in the opposition activities of my son Ivan Zhdanov, an active supporter of Alexei Navalny.

Indeed, my son Ivan, together with like-minded people, continues the work of Alexei Navalny, while the main Russian politician is in prison. The ordered nature and political background of what is happening to me is obvious even to those who are far from politics. I am not being judged for my son’s beliefs and views.

Recall that the arrest of Yuri Zhdanov fell on the period february – March 2021, when mass repressions against the opposition began, and the Anti-Corruption Foundation was recognized as an extremist organization.


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