Child labor in Russia

Due to the acute shortage of personnel that arose as a result of mobilization, Putin instructed to take measures to attract children from 14 years of age to work.

Implementation of measures aimed at promoting employment and stimulating employment (including for performing temporary work) of citizens aged 14 to 24 who are full-time students in educational programs of secondary general education, secondary vocational education and higher education, including the provision benefits for employers when hiring such citizens and simplifying the hiring of citizens under the age of 18;

In Russia, there is an acute shortage of personnel in various fields. The shortage of personnel in Russian factories and factories has reached a record since 1996.

In July, 42% of enterprises complained about the lack of workers. Problems with personnel arose after mobilization, as a result of which 300,000 people went to the front, and up to a million more left the country. A new blow was the massive recruitment of volunteers and contractors, the number of which since the beginning of 2023 has exceeded 200 thousand people.

In what areas child labor will be used is not yet clear. With a high probability, this will be low-skilled labor at the conveyor production of the defense complex.


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