The destroyed saboteurs retreated to the territory of Ukraine

The sabotage groups of the Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ and the Russian Volunteer Corps demonstrated the absolute insecurity of the Russian borders.

During yesterday’s day, saboteurs freely moved around the territory of the Belgorod region.

At this time, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of 39 saboteurs, showing an indistinct video showing 6 corpses of men in camouflage uniforms.

Corpses of Ukrainian saboteurs

Also in the Russian media there was information about the destruction of a column of equipment of sabotage groups and photos of destroyed military vehicles.

Destruction of a convoy of equipment of saboteurs

However, the RVC fighters showed a video showing a sabotage group moving in a forest area and a photo at a customs post in Graivoron, Belgorod Region.

We do not know what columns of equipment Mr. Konashenkov destroyed in his reports, but the Russian Volunteer Corps has no losses.
P.S. Regarding the photos of the killed “saboteurs” walking around the net, our fighters wear multicam, not a pixel [camouflage]. This is a note.

A statement appeared on the channel of the fighters of the Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’:

We have not yet summed up the results of the day together with the RDC, but we can say that today the Legionnaires caused a stir among the Putin horde: we “demilitarized” a motorized rifle company of the RF Armed Forces, destroyed several units of their armored vehicles.

We do not idle talk like the Kremlin propagandists who attribute fictitious losses to us, so in the near future you will see video confirmation of our actions.

In contrast to the “heroic” army, drawn for the reports of bald moths in the Kremlin, Putin’s troops did not excel during these days. But they showed outstanding success in running long distances. But while they cowardly run through the bushes, we are moving further towards our goal: the complete liberation of Russia.

The saboteurs reported that they had destroyed a group of FSB special forces and up to a company of soldiers. One helicopter of the Russian Armed Forces was shot down. No casualties among the saboteurs were reported, but no traces of blood were found on the abandoned equipment and equipment.

Probably this sabotage raid is only the beginning of a large partisan activity on the eve of a large Ukrainian counter-offensive.


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