They blew up Prielpin

Russian propagandist Zakhar Prilepin, whose car was blown up by terrorists, came to his senses on Saturday.

Prilepin received fractures of both legs and a concussion, but survived. His driver-security guard Alexander Shubin died. The explosive device was located under the bottom of the car in the passenger seat. At this time, Prilepin was driving his Audi Q7 car.

Prilepin's blown up car
Prilepin’s blown up car

Prilepin was taken by helicopter to Moscow to the hospital. In his Telegram channel, he wrote:

They just gave me a phone. There is some confusion in the media. Sasha rode on the right in the passenger seat. I was driving. The explosion occurred under his wheel.
I lost consciousness for about three minutes, woke up and crawled to the broken windshield. The villagers ran up and helped me get out. Both of my legs are broken (one fracture is open) and there is something else.

Soon a suspect in the attack was detained, a certain Alexander Permyakov, a native of the Donetsk region of Ukraine, who confessed. Permyakov said that in 2018 he was recruited by the Ukrainian special services and, on their instructions, blew up the car in which Prilepin was driving.

Alexander Permyakov
Alexander Permyakov

In Russian social networks, they reacted with distrust to the video published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with Permyakov’s confessions.

At the same time, the Crimean Tatar partisan movement Atesh claimed responsibility for the attack:

The order for Prilepin has been issued! We sent over 5,000 SMS to our agents and the Russian military to find and eliminate a known Rashist.

The Security Service of Ukraine declined to comment on the incident:

Officially, we can neither confirm nor deny the involvement of the SBU in this or that bavovna [explosion] that happens to the occupiers and their henchmen.

This is not the first terrorist attack directed at Russian propagandists. In August last year, the car of the ideologist of Russian fascism, Dugin, was blown up. His daughter died in the explosion.

In early April of this year, war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky died as a result of a terrorist attack.

Writer and journalist Zakhar Prilepin (real name Yevgeny Prilepin) actively supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is himself involved in the fighting. Since 2015, Prilepin has been an adviser to the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko. In early 2000, Prilepin collaborated with Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, but then they parted ways. Navalny began to investigate corruption in Russia, and Prilepin became one of the ideologists of the Russkiy Mir.


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