Российский оппозиционер главный критик Путина и его режима Алексей Навальный приговорен к 13 годам тюрьмы по тн делу ФБК

Russian opposition leader, chief critic of Putin and his regime, Alexei Navalny sentenced to 13 years in prison in the so-called “FBK case”.

The prosecutor’s office believes that Alexei Navalny instead of his declared fight against corruption, collected funds and spent them on his own needs and undermined the state foundations.

The prosecutor’s office requested 10 years in prison and a fine of 1200,000 rubles ($ 10,958)

With Navalny serving a sentence in the previously fabricated Yves Rocher case, this would total 13 years.

In his last words, Alexei Navalny said, addressing the judge:

I hate your authority and despise your judicial system. Because it’s impossible not to despise her. Is it not humiliating for you to pretend that you are judges and prosecutors, but in fact a device that exists to convey what you have been told on the phone? I would give a lot to read your mind, Your Honor. I’m wondering if there’s any sense of “Fuck it”? So thought (prosecution witness) Gorozhanko and told the truth here.Why do you think that this kind of impunity will always be?
If you think that I will be scared or you will scare everyone in general, such as the beautiful Marina Ovsyannikova, who did not just perform – she recorded a video, told us the most important words: act. At least ask for 113 (years in prison) and let’s – you will not frighten me or people like me. Russia is big, there are many people in it, and not everyone is ready to betray their future and the future of their children as cowardly as you did.

The verdict will be announced on March 22.


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