In Moscow and the Moscow region, air defense systems are being installed on the roofs of buildings and near military facilities.

The installation of short-range air defense systems Pantsir S-1 was seen in the city center on Taganka, as well as on the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense on Frunzenskaya Embankment.

S-400 air defense systems were spotted near the Ostafyevo airfield and Putin’s residence in Novo-Ograrevo. Earlier it was reported that bomb shelters were being set up in Moscow.

So a year later, Russia from “taking Kyiv in 3 days” in less than a year came to the defense of its own cities.

Perhaps the leadership of Russia should think about why a military adventure with Ukraine was needed if in one year a country that supposedly has the second army in the world has reached the point where there is a danger of air raids by aviation and a danger to the lives of civilians, at least a potential one at the moment.


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