Издевательства над Навальным в тюрьме

Two prisoners, Nariman Osmanov and Yevgeny Burak, who were released from penal colony-2 in Pokrov, gave an interview in which they spoke about the abuse of Navalny in the colony.

As the former zeks explained, Navalny in the colony is under psychological pressure.

Before the arrival of the Navalny in the colony, repairs were made there and surveillance cameras were installed everywhere.

Prisoners were instructed not to talk to Navalny.

Specially assigned capo activists write down every word he utters behind the Navalny, and in the evening they hand over notebooks to the operational unit.

On the next bed with the Navalny placed “lowered”, who interfered with Navalny sleep, made all sorts of sounds and even engaged in masturbation.

On Navalny’s birthday, the prisoners were shown a film in which the plot hints that the Navalny of non-traditional orientation.

Such attention from the administration of the colony is explained by the words of Putin, who, upon arrival Navalny in Russia after poisoning and treatment in Germany, said: “Let him regret that he will not die.”

UPD: TV channel “Dozhd” posted a video from the interview in the public domain:




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