Окружение Высокополье

About 1,000 Russian servicemen were surrounded near the village of Vysokopole, Kherson region.

Although the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine introduced a strict moratorium on any information about the actions of the military in this area, some information nevertheless leaked out.

According to Insider 3, the BTG of the Russian troops requested a ‘green corridor’ to exit the boiler.

However, the Ukrainian command is in no hurry to provide it. Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the President of Ukraine, commented on what was happening:

We naturally have a great temptation to just bury them all there in that cauldron. But, firstly, we do not fight like the Russians, we do not break our word. Secondly, I think that the highly humane Ukrainian Armed Forces will offer them to simply surrender. This will be the best way for them.
A thousand fighters in captivity is a good help. Both in a moral sense, and in a sense for the Russian command, for the audience watching this epic. And the second is the exchange fund, plus weapons and military equipment. Two battalions could be armed with these weapons.


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