Ukrainian media accidentally revealed state secrets

A Ukrainian Telegram channel associated with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine accidentally disclosed the number of military personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It all started with an innocent publication that 62,000 women are serving in the Ukrainian army:

After the full-scale invasion, the number of women who stood up to defend the Motherland, joining the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations, increased significantly. If in 2014 the total number of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was 49,926 people, of which 16,557 were military personnel, then as of October 2023 (according to the Personnel Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), the number of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine increased to 62,062 people.

The channel also provides an infographic with the percentage of male and female military personnel:

A simple calculation shows that as of October 2023, the strength of the Ukrainian army is 820,358 people, excluding civilians.

For comparison, the size of the Russian army is 1,150,628 people, not counting military personnel in various Russian PMCs.

The Wagner PMC alone recruited about 80,000 people, more than half of whom are prisoners.

Also, other ‘volunteer’ military units are taking part in the war with Ukraine: PMC ‘Redut’, PMC ‘Rusich’, PMC ‘Potok’, PMC ‘Fakel’ and some other lesser-known numbers whose numbers are difficult to estimate.

Thus, in order to at least equalize the number of military personnel, Ukraine must call up at least 300,000 more people.


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