Ukraine is the first country in the world that in practice uses electric bicycles for military operations.

Although the Ukrainian electric bike can hardly be called an electric bike, rather it is an electric bike.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine use electric bicycles for reconnaissance and sabotage purposes.

There have already been precedents when scouts and snipers came under fire on their electric cars, but it is quite difficult to damage an electric bike with small arms because the number of moving parts is minimized and even a breakdown of the electric battery will not lead to a complete stop of the equipment.

An electric bicycle has a number of advantages compared to motorcycles on a gasoline engine:

  • Quiet
  • Stealthy for thermal imagers

Electric bicycles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are supplied by the Ukrainian company Eleek and the American Delfast.

Both models are comparable in their characteristics:

Eleek Delfast
Speed90 km/hSpeed80 km/h
Mileage on a single charge~100 kmMileage on a single charge~100 km
Time to full charge5 hoursTime to full charge5 hours
Battery72 V 50 A/hBattery voltage 72 V 48 A/h
Weight60 kgWeightn/a
Price5 245$Price6800$
Comparative table of Ukrainian military electric bicycles

In military electric bicycles, there are no rear dimensions and rear-view mirrors.

Also, the Ukrainian electric bike Eleek is equipped with a 220 V inverter for recharging drones and communication facilities directly from the battery of the electric bike.

A military electric bicycle is a vivid example of reverse conversion, when a purely civilian product has found application in the army.


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