Арестович врет

Our publication is very suspicious of the statements of Aleksey Arestovich, whose intimate video a couple of months ago was published by Telegram channels controlled by Ilya Kiva, but even taking into account the fact that this is typical Ukrainian propaganda where the number of losses of the Russian army should be divided by 2, this is at least the 13th destruction of Russian military equipment near the village of Chernobaivka in the Kherson region.

Of course, propaganda on both sides of the armed conflict lies. The propaganda of Ukraine lies, the propaganda of Russia lies, but in this case the quantity clearly turns into quality.

Taking into account the fact that Ukraine has received 8 Himars complexes from the United States to date, the destruction of Russian military equipment in Chernobaivka does not look surprising.

The village of Chernobaivka is an important strategic point. Near Chernobaivka is the International Airport and Russian troops are repeatedly trying to deploy troops near the airport and time after time MLRS and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy Russian equipment.
The problem is that around Chernobaivka there is a completely open area and the placement of military equipment in shelters is impossible.

Chernobaivka on the map


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