Возможная война в России

Some indirect signs indicate that Russia is preparing for a further escalation of the military conflict and a possible scenario for transferring the theater of operations.

A large number of vacancies related to radiation safety have appeared on the Headhunter website. Dosimetrist engineers and specialists in radioactive contamination and deactivation of radioactive radiation are required.

Vacancy dosimetrist

Moscow bomb shelters are equipped with benches and beds. This was reported in one of the public social networks on the outskirts of Moscow.

In the Kirov region, men are hired to dig trenches and build dugouts. At the same time, the Kirov region is actually the very center of Russia.

Job digging trenches

All these preparations look rather ominous, especially after the Ukrainian army liberated Kherson.

Recall that similar preparations took place 2 months before the start of the invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine. Then users of social networks drew attention to the new standard of mass graves introduced in Russia.

Some military journalists report a new wave of mobilization, which, in their opinion, should take place in January-February 2023.

Officially, Russia mobilized 300,000 people out of the planned ~1 million. According to the Ukrainian side, about 150,000 mobilized people arrived in the troops.
The next wave of mobilization should quite logically take place during the specified period, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will grind the Russian recruits.

The Russian army suffers losses. According to Ukrainian publics, the daily loss of servicemen of the Russian army is 700-800 people a day. A simple calculation shows that the mobilization resource will be exhausted just in time for January-February 2023.

The risk of Putin’s use of nuclear weapons still remains, despite repeated NATO warnings of a retaliatory strike.

The NATO Secretariat, according to insiders, has repeatedly warned Putin that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, the Alliance would intervene in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
Moreover, specific actions of NATO in this case were announced:

  1. Attack on the Black Sea Fleet
  2. Attack on the grouping of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine
  3. Attack the place where Putin himself is located

In other words, if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the Russian Army and Putin personally will be destroyed.

Will Putin dare to press the “nuclear button” despite dire warnings? Hardly. Paranoid psychopath Putin did not inject Botox and take care of his health to die in a nuclear apocalypse.


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