Диверсии Украины в России

A strange series of disasters at military and strategic facilities in Russia allows us to talk about the involvement of Ukraine.

On April 1, after an explosion at an oil depot in Belgorod, a fire broke out. What caused the explosion is unknown, but two military helicopters were seen over Belgorod.

On April 15, several villages in the Belgorod and Bryansk regions were shelled . According to rumors, there were military facilities near these villages.

On April 19, the village of Golovchino in the Belgorod region was shelled. Near the village there is a military facility of strategic purpose.

On April 21, a fire broke out in the building of the Central Research Institute of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Tver. The building burned out completely, 6 people were injured.

On April 25, in Bryansk, there was a major fire at an oil depot and an explosion on the territory of a military ammunition depot.

Also on April 25, by a strange coincidence, a fire broke out at the air base in Ussuriysk.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation keeps a deathly silence on a number of these events. At the same time, it is impossible not to notice that accidents at military and strategic facilities in Russia began to occur with enviable regularity.

Back on April 1, Ukrainian President Zelensky in an interview with Fox News answered the question about Ukraine’s involvement in the explosions and fires in Bryansk:

Sorry, I’m not discussing any of my orders as commander-in-chief or leader of state. There are things that I share only with the military of the armed forces of Ukraine, and they tell me.

Comparing the facts, we can conclude that the Ukrainian military departments are involved in the explosions and fires of military facilities on the territory of Russia.

There is reason to believe that shelling, airstrikes and sabotage in Russia will continue.

Ukraine is transferring the war to the territory of Russia, no matter how sad it may be for the citizens of this country.


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