Путин и цитаты Гитлера

Putin mentioned “national traitors” in the context of the “fifth column” and Russian citizens striving for European values.

In his speech, he said:

The “collective West” seeks to split our society by speculating on combat losses, on the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, to provoke a civil confrontation in Russia and using the “fifth column” seeks to achieve its goal. […]

Yes, of course, they will bet on the “fifth column”, on national traitors. Who makes money here and lives there.

And he lives not even in the geographical sense of the word, but according to his thoughts, according to his slave consciousness.

Putin also said about “cleansing” of national traitors and that such purification would benefit Russia.

For the first time the term “national traitors” was mentioned in the press of Weimar Germany. Matthias Erzberger, Philippe Scheidemann and the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 were called national traitors.

Adolf Hitler, in his book Mein Kampf, calls the government of Weimar Germany and the revolutionaries of the November Revolution in Germany of 1918 traitors and traitors to the nation:

When you think about the countless victims caused by the criminal frivolity of these irresponsible actors; when countless masses of cripples pass before your eyes; when you remember the boundless shame, the innumerable sufferings that have befallen us, and when you tell yourself again and again that all this was the result of only the criminal actions of a handful of unscrupulous careerists who sought ministerial portfolios, then all these subjects can only be called fraudsters, scoundrels and criminals.

Why, then, would these words exist in our dictionary, if not to characterize such scoundrels. After all, compared to these traitors to the nation, any pimp is still a man of honor.

It will be much better if one day we create a national tribunal that will be able to put on trial and shoot several tens of thousands of November criminals, those who played the role of organizers of the revolution and therefore must bear the main responsibility.
Such an example will sufficiently frighten petty traitors for all future times as well and will serve as a necessary lesson for them.


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