Убийство топ менеджеров Газпрома

A strange series of suicides of top managers of Russian banks. In three days, two top executives committed suicide along with their families and another high-ranking Gazprom official committed suicide two months ago.


On February 25, the corpse of Alexander Tulyakov, Deputy General Director of Gazprom’s Unified Settlement Center for Corporate Security, was found in an elite cottage village near St. Petersburg. This unit performs the functions of the treasury of the entire monopoly.

Tyulyakov’s body was found hanged in the garage of his house, a note was found next to the body, the contents of which are not disclosed by the investigation.Details of Tyulyakov’s suicide are not disclosed, it is only known that the deceased left a suicide note.


On April 18, Vladislav Avayev, a former vice-president of Gazprombank, killed his wife and daughter in his apartment in southwestern Moscow and also committed suicide.

According to investigators, Avaev’s wife became pregnant from the personal driver of the top manager and, in a fit of jealousy, the man shot his wife and daughter, after which he committed suicide.


On April 21, the former top manager of the company “Novatek” Sergey Protosenya was found dead in Lloret de Mar in Spain. Sergei Protosenya and his family lived in France, his wife and 18-year-old daughter came to Spain for the Easter holidays, later they were joined by the head of the family.

The bodies of the wife of the top manager Natalia and an 18-year-old daughter with stab wounds were found in the rooms of the family-owned villa. The body of Protoseni himself was found in the garden; he died of strangulation and a knife and an axe were found next to him.

It is not clear whether these events can be linked, given that Putin started the war with Ukraine on February 24, after which unprecedented financial sanctions were imposed on Russia.

All the dead were somehow connected with Gazprop and Gazprombank. Were these people ‘Putin’s purses’ like cellist Roldugin?

In any case, the further course of events will tell you whether this series of suicides of top managers was an accidental coincidence or whether it was the work of the Russian special services.

More information. Not only did we find strange coincidences of these deaths.


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