Lukashenka threatens with nuclear weapons

After Putin announced the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Lukashenka’s rhetoric has changed.

In his message to the Legislative Assembly, the President of Belarus said, addressing the government of Ukraine:

We need to stop now before the escalation starts. I’ll try to risk suggesting that the fighting be stopped. To declare a truce without the right to move groups of troops and transfer weapons and equipment. If the West again uses this time for deception, then Russia will be obliged to use the full power of the army – both depleted uranium and enriched uranium. The military will understand.

It becomes clear why Putin handed over tactical nuclear weapons to Lukashenka. And this is not at all a defense of the Republic of Belarus.

Putin hopes that the threat of the use of nuclear weapons from the territory of Belarus will force Ukraine to negotiate.

This means one thing: things at the front are so bad that the Russian army is unable not only to attack, but also to conduct defensive operations.

The spring offensive announced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny plunges the Kremlin elite into horror.

Military equipment requested by Zaluzhny from the West arrives in Ukraine, and the amount of this equipment is 1.5 times more than what Zaluzhny was counting on.

There is no doubt that Ukraine’s plans to de-occupy Donbas and Crimea will be successful. This is what the Kremlin is afraid of, this is why Lukashenka’s rhetoric has acquired a new meaning.


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