Putin spoke about Russias military losses

During his last speech on the annual direct line with the president, Vladimir Putin let slip that 617,000 people are involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Based on these data, using a simple calculation, you can get the approximate number of losses of the Russian Army.

We have already written that it is extremely difficult to take into account losses in war. Now we are talking about general losses, both returnable and irrecoverable. Returnable losses include wounded and sick soldiers who, after treatment, were able to continue serving. The number of irretrievable losses includes seriously wounded until they become disabled and declared unfit for service, killed and missing soldiers.

At the time of the start of the invasion of Ukraine, the military contingent that took part in the hostilities is estimated at 390,000 people.

Last year, another 300,000 people were called up as part of mobilization in Russia.

According to Putin, by the end of 2023, only 486,000 people had been mobilized into the Russian Army.

Russia lost 390+486-617=259,000 people killed, wounded and missing.

A US military intelligence source told Reuters that according to their calculations, Russia lost a total of 315,000 people in the war with Ukraine.

These numbers are quite correlated because 315,000 is the total loss, including returnable and irrecoverable losses.

At the same time, even these loss figures are very approximate. We do not know what losses various PMCs suffered and whether mercenaries are included in the total count.*

*PMC Wagner alone lost 47,000 people killed.

We will be able to estimate a more accurate number of losses only after the end of the military campaign.


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