Взлом Rutube

At the same time, the administration of Rutube reported that user files remained untouched. Currently, work is underway to restore the video service.

Rutube is the largest Russian video service. After the Russian authorities blocked Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and the Youtube service turned off monetization for users from Russia, many Russian video bloggers moved to Rutube.

While on the page of video hosting there is an announcement about the work to restore the operability of video hosting.

Hacking Rutube

In its telegram channel, the administration of Rutube reported the following:

Information regarding the loss of the source code of the site does not correspond to reality. We really faced the strongest cyber attack in the history of RUTUBE.
It is important to understand that video hosting is petabytes of archive data and hundreds of servers. Restoration will take longer than engineers originally envisioned. However, the gloomy forecasts have nothing to do with the current state of affairs: the source code is available, the library is intact. Now the process of restoring the file system segments of remote environments and databases to a part of the servers is underway.

Judging by this and other reports, hackers destroyed part of the file system on some Rutube servers. Of course, Rutube backups should be, but it is not a fact that they have not been deleted either. Now programmers and system administrators are forced to restore everything from scratch, and this takes quite a long time.

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian public, they mock what happened:

De-propaganda continues. This is not a cyber attack, this is a special operation to improve your IT infrastructure.


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