Зарезали за русский язык

The conflict between the Ukrainians occurred in a bar when 36-year-old Andrei Meleshkov spoke to friends in Russian language.

Andriy Meleshkov, a native of eastern Ukraine , was celebrating his birthday in the company of friends when another Ukrainian sat down at their table, who did not like that the company spoke Russian language.

Andriy said he was Ukrainian, but his opponent demanded that he utter the word ‘Palyanitsa’ and say that he looked like a Russian.

As a result, a scuffle ensued and then the aggressive attacker hit the man several times with a “rosette” in the face and neck.

However, Meleshkov managed to stop the attacker and call the police bleeding profusely.

The police detained the attacker, and paramedics assisted the victim.

The attacker is charged with hate attack.

Brooklyn, New York, USA.



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