Ракета Гарпун

The Russian Navy’s supply tugboat ‘Vasily Bekh’ sank near Zmeiny Island after being hit by Harpoon missiles.

Tugboat Vasily Bekh sank

Snake Island is notorious for the fact that several Russian ships have already sunk near it. On social media, Snake Island is called the ‘island of sunken ships’.

The sunken cruiser “Moskva” also received a missile strike while near the island of Zmeiny.

The head of the Odessa military administration, Maxim Marchenko, said on this occasion:

And we can say that we have created in the Black Sea Fleet of Russia a kind of underwater brigade of ships at the bottom of the Black Sea. The entire military-political leadership of the occupiers is invited to the opening. And we, in turn, will print as many stamps with sunken ships as necessary.


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