Нападение изза сахара

Although sugar has reappeared in retail chains in Russia, but restrictions on its purchase are still in force. Sugar has risen in price by 80-90% and is the object of desire of many citizens.

The police of the city of Aleksin, Tula region, was contacted by a pensioner who said that an unknown woman attacked her in the entrance of her house and, under threat of violence, took away a bag of sugar weighing 5 kg.

In the course of operational activities, the police were able to establish the identity and whereabouts of the alleged attacker. She turned out to be a 44-year-old local resident who does not work anywhere and has been repeatedly convicted, who lives on the same street with the victim. The woman confessed to the crime.

In connection with the war unleashed by Putin with Ukraine, a difficult economic situation has developed in Russia. The sanctions imposed by the West on Russian companies have led to a shortage and a significant rise in price of many products and basic necessities.

Similar incidents should be expected in the future, unemployment in Russia is growing, and the financial situation of ordinary Russians is worsening every day.

Aleksin, Tula Region, Russia.



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