В генштабе ВСУ обезврежены шпионы ФСБ

Russian spies tried to stage a provocation. They were preparing to shoot down a civilian aircraft on the territory of Belarus or Russia from a Ukrainian MANPADS.

For this purpose, they contacted Ukrainian volunteers supplying MANPADS to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In order to gain confidence, the spies informed the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the location of Russian troops, in particular, about the location of the Chechen battalion named after Akhmat Kadyrov, the so-called “Kadyrovtsev”.

Spies also tried to deceive their leadership in Russia by providing a fake video of an attack on a Ukrainian territorial defense checkpoint.

An attempt to hire actors to perform a fake video led to the fact that spies were detained by the SBU.

This was told by Alexey Arestovich on the channel ‘Feigin Live’.


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