Российские войска в Рыжем лесу Чернобыль

It became known that the Russian troops in the zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are located on the most contaminated with radiation site. The column of Russian military equipment not only passed through the so-called. ‘Red Forest’, but also left combat protection in this dangerous place.

Near a platoon of soldiers of the Russian army, positions were set up in the “Red Forest”. They dug trenches and caponiers for armored vehicles.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Chernobyl zone, it became known that 26 servicemen with a severe form of radiation sickness were admitted to the hospital in the Belarusian city of Gomel. One of the victims died. (*)

*The information needs additional verification.

Ukrainians laugh at the mediocrity of the Russian command, which sent their subordinates to a certain painful death from radiation and joke evilly on social networks calling the Russian military who received radiation sickness “gamma males” and inventing offensive nicknames:

The red forest is about 202 km² of trees adjacent to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which took on the largest share of the release of radioactive dust during the explosion of the reactor in 1986.

A high dose of absorbed radiation during the accident led to the death of trees and their staining in brown-red color, which occurred within 30 minutes after the explosion. During the decontamination work, the forest was bulldozed and buried.

Currently, the forest in this area is being restored naturally.

In places of greatest infection, the exposure dose rate is above 500 mR / h. Recall that the natural radioactive background is 20 μR / h. The safety threshold for humans is 30 μR/h.
Thus, the radioactive background of the “Red Forest” exceeds the norm by several thousand times.

The information that the Russian military carried out excavation work in the “Red Forest” was confirmed.

The Australian Institute for Strategic Policy published satellite images that clearly show that the trenches and caponiers for tanks were located in the “Red Forest” – an area not suitable for finding people for more than a few minutes.


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