In Russian-occupied Melitopol, fighters from the Akhmat battalion, consisting mainly of natives of Chechnya, raped an NTV journalist and beat a cameraman.

The incident took place in the restaurant of the Vorontsovsky Hotel. As follows from the appeal of the Russian television company NTV to the Investigative Committee of Russia, a group of people in camouflage uniforms presented themselves as fighters of the Akhmat battalion.

These people attacked the film crew. Operator-driver Artem Epifanov was beaten and received moderate injuries, and journalist Olga Zenkova was subjected to gang rape.

In the photo, NTV journalist Olga Zenkova
In the photo, NTV journalist Olga Zenkova

They are trying to hush up this case and not make it public, but information about the incident has already penetrated social networks and caused heated discussions.

What will be the reaction of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is not yet known. Most likely, the matter will be put on the brakes, as it always happens in Russia when it comes to the Chechens.


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