Пожар на нефтебазе в Белгороде

An explosion occurred at the oil depot in Belogorod, after which several fuel tanks caught fire. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made a statement about the attack of the Ukrainian Air Force.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported:

On April 1, at about 5 a.m. Moscow time, 2 Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopters entered the airspace of the Russian Federation at an extremely low altitude. Ukrainian helicopters launched a missile strike on a civilian oil products storage facility located on the outskirts of Belgorod. As a result of the missiles, individual tanks were damaged and caught fire.

The tank farm near Belgorod has nothing to do with the Russian armed forces.

However, in a video distributed on social media, the K-52 ‘Alligator’ helicopters (Hokum B NATO), and not the Mi-24 (Hind NATO), as claimed by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Ukrainian Air Force does not have K-52 helicopters in service.

The Ukrainian side declares its non-involvement in the explosions of the oil depot in Belgorod.

In particular, adviser to the President of Ukraine Zelensky Oleksiy Arestovich said:

We are fighting on our own territory. The leadership of the Russian Federation is responsible for everything that happens on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Explosions at the oil depot in Belgorod can cause an additional escalation of the conflict and provoke Russia to use even more powerful weapons, including nuclear weapons.


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