Armed deserters

39 deserters from among the prisoners left the location of the detachment, killing one soldier from the Ministry of State Security of the LPR.

The prisoners were part of the PMC ‘Storm Z’ controlled by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the detachment was located in the occupied Lisichansk.

Armed deserters have stolen two cars and are moving towards the Rostov region of Russia. The police got their hands on the criminals.

Another 7 deserters from among the former criminals fled from a military unit on the territory of the DPR. One of them was immediately detained, three of them were found drunk in a cafe in the village of Bryanka on the territory of the LPR, and three more are wanted by the military police and the FSB.

After Yevgeny Prigozhin was banned from recruiting prisoners to the Wagner PMC, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation took up this mission with a characteristic result.

It is likely that there will be more such incidents and armed gangs can cause serious damage to Russian citizens.


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